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September 2016

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E.Laser 2.0 - News

E Laser Caps

New device for caps !!!

E-Laser 2.0, the only system on the market that integrates laser cutting on any embroiderer brand,  revolutionizes again the embroidery world.
Our continuous research of innovative solutions for the embroidery industry,
has allowed us to develop the new DEVICE FOR CUTTING ON CAPS compatible with almost all the embroidery machines on the market. This device has been implemented to have an off-set between laser and needle practically zero.
In this way you can get a precise and optimal cut on all areas of the cap.
By E-Laser 2.0 and to the new device for caps your embroidery machine will be able to
easily produce caps with highly precise applications or with distress look.

E Laser Caps

For any information about E-Laser 2.0, and the Cut on Caps Device, please contact Proel TSI sales office:
email , phone +39.0432.815047


Millennium III logo  Box Millennium   FocusCut III logo

Online Proel TSI SUITE new version

(Millennium III and FocusCut III softwares)

If you already have a Proel TSI Account enabled for download, you can download new Proel TSI SUITE version with latest versions (9.4.01) of Millennium III (software for embroidery creation) and FocusCut III (software for laser machines).
Proel TSI SUITE SETUP allows you to choose the MIllennium III installation, the FocusCut III installation or both.

Click here to go directly to your Proel TSI Account and download the latest versions of Millennium III and FocusCut III.

Don't you have a Proel TSI Account ?

Click here to create a new Proel TSI Account. Then you will get 3 free registrations and contacting the technical support, at, you can enable the download of the latest versions of FocusCut III and Millennium III.

This version contains new important features in Millennium III and Archive as well as the correction of some bugs.

  • Added a button to open the Focuscut III with the embroidery and curves of the current document.
  • TrueTypeLettering has been improved.

  • It was implemented Select All
  • Improved the selection management by Shift key.
  • It was added a context menu of folders.
For any enquire about software versions download, please contact Proel TSI support department at the e-mail address or by phone at +39.0432.815047


Proel TSI is very glad to invite you at the VISCOM MILANO 2016 exhibition.

October 13 to 15, 2016.

Hall 12, Booth L34.

Viscom 2016 logo

Present, the latest version of embroidery software MILLENNIUM III, and the latest version of the software for laser machine FocusCut III can easily combine laser cutting parts and embroidery parts without remove the cloth from the embroidery frame.

At our booth you will see the galvanometric laser machine
Z-GALVA and how this machine can work on different materials or in combination with an embroidery machine.

Z-GALVA is part of Proel TSI 4th generation of stand-alone galvanometric machines.

You will also find information about all Proel TSI products for the embroidery industry and about all our laser machines for cutting and engraving.

Register Now (Free) and Come Visit !

With Proel TSI Invitation Code
5601880021 You will be able to register at VISCOM MILANO 2016 and enter for free and without a code.
Here’s what you need to do to receive your admission ticket:

1.  Enter your Invitation Code (
5601880021) and register at this Registration Page.
2.  Print out the PDF document (with QrCode) that you will receive by e-mail.
3.  Enter for free and without waiting in line on VISCOM (Hall 8/12)

Be Careful:

This Registration Procedure is open until October 7th 2016.

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