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Newsletter Proel TSI - December 2017 - N° 17



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Contact our sales team at email address sales@proeltsi.com, ( or phone +39.0432.815047 ) mentioning the code «PROMO40x40»


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Online Proel TSI SUITE new version

(Millennium III and FocusCut III softwares)


  • Files Import: added Husqvarna Viking (.shv)
  • Thumbnails in Print: displays embroidery parts for a single operation. If Laser Function is present, they show the alternation between embroidery phases and cutting phases
  • Archive 2.0 and Browser: new File Explorer panel management, in particular, the management of the Network node has been fixed (addition also the possibility of the network adapter choice)
  • Fixed Bugs

If you already have a Proel TSI Account enabled for download, you can download new Proel TSI SUITE version with latest versions (9.7.01) of Millennium III (software for embroidery creation) and FocusCut III (software for laser machines).
Proel TSI SUITE SETUP allows you to choose the MIllennium III installation, the FocusCut III installation or both.

Click here to go directly to your Proel TSI Account and download the latest versions of Millennium III and FocusCut III.

Don't you have a Proel TSI Account ?

Click here to create a new Proel TSI Account. Then you will get 3 free registrations and contacting the technical support, at support@proeltsi.com, you can enable the download of the latest versions of FocusCut III and Millennium III.

For any enquire about software versions download, please contact Proel TSI support department at the e-mail address support@proeltsi.com or by phone at +39.0432.815047


Video Laser Machines

On-line the new videos about Proel TSI Laser Machines.

On our company YouTube channel we have uploaded several videos about our laser machines.

Here is the list of new Video:

Cometa - Laser Plotter Machine

  • Cometa - Laser Plotter Machine - Overview [View]

E-Laser 1200 - Embroidery Laser Machine

  • E-Laser 1200 - Embroidery Laser Machine - Overview [View]
  • E-Laser 1200 - Complex Multi Layer Applique Embroidery - Europe Flags Tree Sample [View]
  • E-Laser 1200 - Complex Shape Applique Embroidery - Two Face Love Sample [View]
  • E-Laser 1200 - Floating Multi Layer Applique Embroidery - Flower Sample [View]
  • E-Laser 1200 - Felt & Jersey Embroidery Applique - "Join Us" Sample [View]
  • E-Laser 1200 - Multi Material Embroidery Applique - Reverse Technique - "Keep Calm" Sample [View]
  • E-Laser 1200 - Multiple Layer Embroidery Applique on Cap - "WOW" Sample [View]

LaserBridge Mark V

  • LaserBridge Mark V - Laser Machine for Cut Applique on Embroidery Machine - Overview [View]
  • LaserBridge Mark V - Wide Embroidery Applique on 6 Head(s) [View]


  • Z-Galva - Galvanometric Laser Machine - Overview [View]
  • Z-Galva - Sample of Vector Engraving on Alcantara [View]
  • Z-Galva - Marilyn Monroe Engraved on Denim [View]
  • Z-Galva - Vector Engraving and Embroidery Applique [View]


Christmas tree

  The Proel TSI would like to wish you a

Merry CHRISTMAS and an HAPPY New Year

We inform you that our offices will remain closed for Christmas Holidays
from December 23rd 2017 to January 7th 2018

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