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Footwear and Leathergoods

Applications on Leather

Applications as  new realization of embroideries with fewer stitches. It’s possible to obtain special effects using leather of different colors cut by laser. Increase production and improve the quality of embroidery


Engraving Soles

The process for sole and insole is one of the application fields of laser engraving that allows to create inlays and shallows on them. The execution speed increase production and improve quality of the item

Construction Shoe Uppers

Laser technology offers multiple processes to work on uppers, obtaining results of high quality and definition reducing the processing time

Leather Cut

High definition of laser spot allows to cut leather by laser technology

Engravings on Leather

It’s a process that removes a part of the top of your leather ( more or less marked). This engraving allows to create shades by laser with proper power easily to  set through  FocusCutIII software. A way to add value to your leather


Thanks to laser technology, it is possible to create models of cardboard ( or similar material) in order to use them as shapes to realize prototypes and cuts. Increase the production speed thanks also to the functions of FocusCutIII software


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