Stratos HP, is the most advanced laser machine for leather cut and engraving in its catergory. Thanks to the use of hyper technologic optics we could create a machine featuring uniques performances, typical of devices dramatically more bulky and expensive: High quality of spot on wide working areas.Equipped with CO2 laser sources of 100W (400W peak) and 250W (800W peak) provides you jobs of extreme quality and precision. A machine with no-compromise, intentionally compact, specially designed for leather market and shoe makers.



Galvo 3 axis - High Performances
Laser Application Field Footwear and Leathergoods
Dimensions (WxDxH)
850 (Max. 1750) x 1500 x 1950 mm
Weight 450 Kg (Max. 510Kg)
Laser working area (WxD)
400x400 mm
600x600 mm
Cutting plane type
Anti-reflection alluminum grid with suction
Adjustable height position

Laser Cooling
Fumes Extraction

External Unit H2O Chiller - Included
External Turbine Unit 380Vac - Included
Sealed Area with directional hoods
Laser source type CO2 Pulsed H2O Cooled 250 W (800 W peak power)
CO2 Pulsed H2O Cooled 100 W (400 W peak power)
Spot characteristics
400x400: approximately 215 μm
600x600: approximately 310 μm
Options Double Sliding Frame / Red Pointer
Camera System / Frame Attachment
Software FocusCut III - Included
User Interface Personal Computer - Control Panel
Power Supply Stratos HP 100 - Mono Phase 220/240 Vac 50/60Hz
Stratos HP 250 - Tri Phase 380/400 Vac 50/60Hz
Absorbed Power Max 7 KVA

The Manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications and improvements without prior warning






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