E  M  B  O

                                              ...the Embroidery BOX


Do you need to interface one or more embroidery machines to a PC? No problem...

Our EMBO (Embroidery Box) interfaces are the ideal devices for setting up a connection network between PCs and embroidery machines. The EMBO are able to memorize up to 174,800 embroidery stitches and to transfer them, independently of the PC, to the respective embroidery machine even more than once. The network may consist of only one EMBO ("single point" mode) for use with only one embroidery machine, up to a maximum of 31 EMBO ("multipoint" mode) to connect to as many embroidery machines.





  • Cable length = about 15 m
  • It is possible to check embroidery machines status at any moment


  • Cable length = about 1000 m
  • It is possible to check embroidery machines status at any moment
  • 31 machines for each serial port



  • Tajima (serial and parallel)
  • Barudan (serial and parallel)
  • Happy
  • Pfaff 
  • ZSK
  • Toyota
  • Brother


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